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Text to Buy Case Study – Fortune 500 Company

We pioneered SMS Commerce for Products to build the future of conversational commerce. We proposed that text message marketing was falling short of a truly native mobile experience, and the traditional conversion funnel from text to mobile site to cart checkout was too long.

One Click vs Zero Click

Say goodbye to the Shopping Cart.  The traditional Shopping Cart is being upended by One Click payment platforms.  In recent years, we have seen multiple new platforms that purport to offer One Click check out. ShopPay available on Shopify stores Bolt These come many years after the appearance of the megaliths like Google Pay, […]

The Store of the Future plus Social Commerce

Come in and buy from me’ today but it will be ‘Come in, have a brand experience, build your shopping list, let’s connect that on your cell phone so we can directly market to you.’

Conversational Commerce – Do or Do Not, There is no Try

Famously coined by Chris Messina a few years back, Conversational Commerce is promised to be the next evolution of ecommerce online. We are talking about automated bots and human assistants having conversations with Users seeking to fulfill a need, i.e. make a purchase. This conversation can occur on website’s livechat, Messgenger, WhatsApp, SMS and a […]

Nordstrom Builds Proprietary Shopping Via Text System

Staying ahead of the changing times, Nordstroms cleverly launched an in house system called TextStyle to enable Shopping Via Text for their retail sales force.  This system allows customers to make purchases via Text Message based on the recommendation of in store sales reps. The TextStyles program was deployed in 2015 and sits on top […]

Amazon Files for Patent: “Message Shopping Over An Electronic Marketplace”

Amazon was granted a patent in July of 2018 for Message Shopping Over an Electronic Marketplace.  This patent is broad in nature and seems to shore up Amazon’s right to use messaging services to respond to Customers/Searchers who express demand for particular items by searching through a database of products in a marketplace.  The Amazon […]

Walmart betting on Shopping Via Text

As the first big company to emerge from Store No 8, the Walmart tech incubator, JetBlack is setting itself as a leader in the next area of shopping “conversational commerce”.  Jenny Fleiss is the co-founder at Jetblack, and she brings a lot to the table after her success with “Rent the Runway”. It’s an interesting […]

Shop by Text Message – An Emerging Platform

The Wall Street Journal published an article titled “Thank U, Text” in December of 2018.  In this interesting article about mobile commerce trends, Rebecca Malinsky, describes the organic growth of Shopping via text, or Shop by Text.  It seems the rise of conducting commerce inside the text message channel has captured more interest and growth […]

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