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The Future of Social Commerce

Social commerce is the use of social media platforms and networks to facilitate e-commerce transactions. It involves integrating e-commerce features and functionalities into social media, allowing consumers to purchase products or services directly through social media platforms. Social commerce can take various forms, such as in-app purchases, social shopping, and Peer-to-peer sales. For in-app purchases, […]

New Trends in Subscriptions for Consumer Products

It’s likely you have, or have had, a subscription service to some product or service. Think meal delivery kits, fashion rentals, online yoga classes, streaming services, and so much more. They are available in just about every industry, and it’s not surprising, considering there are many advantages for both the consumer and the company. In […]

How fast fashion retailers can use Text to Buy to increase sales and loyalty

Fast fashion retailers are facing increased competition, with numerous retailers vying for market share. This means that retailers must find ways to differentiate themselves and stand out in a crowded market. These retailers need to be able to anticipate and respond to changing consumer tastes and preferences. This can be a challenge, as it requires […]

Text Marketing for Continuously Connected Customers

Frequent, low-friction, and personalized digital interactions are the future of CX. The amount of digital clutter has increased for consumers.  And the level of competition is higher than ever for brands.  The barriers to entry for new (or legacy) brands to go DTC are lower and lower.   I think of this as providing ”marketing equity.”  […]

The Best Use Cases for Text to Buy

In this model, the User Experience of purchasing products is all text based, and Customers instinctively

Text to Buy Case Study with the Estée Lauder Company

We pioneered SMS Commerce for products to build the future of conversational commerce. In this case study with the Estée Lauder Company we show that a truly native mobile experience, like Text Message Shopping, can create tremendous revenue, customer engagement and first party data.

One Click vs Zero Click

Say goodbye to the Shopping Cart.  The traditional Shopping Cart is being upended by One Click payment platforms.  In recent years, we have seen multiple new platforms that purport to offer One Click check out. ShopPay available on Shopify stores Bolt These come many years after the appearance of the megaliths like Google Pay, […]

The Store of the Future plus Social Commerce

Come in and buy from me’ today but it will be ‘Come in, have a brand experience, build your shopping list, let’s connect that on your cell phone so we can directly market to you.’

Conversational Commerce – Do or Do Not, There is no Try

Famously coined by Chris Messina a few years back, Conversational Commerce is promised to be the next evolution of ecommerce online. We are talking about automated bots and human assistants having conversations with Users seeking to fulfill a need, i.e. make a purchase. This conversation can occur on website’s livechat, Messgenger, WhatsApp, SMS and a […]

Nordstrom Builds Proprietary Shopping Via Text System

Staying ahead of the changing times, Nordstroms cleverly launched an in house system called TextStyle to enable Shopping Via Text for their retail sales force.  This system allows customers to make purchases via Text Message based on the recommendation of in store sales reps. The TextStyles program was deployed in 2015 and sits on top […]

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