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Plug and Play your way to the next Mobile Evolution.

Define your product’s mobile future by innovating the Shopping Experience. Novelty is sought by your Customers. Give them a two way engagement channel that creates excitement, zero click checkout, and a dialogue with your great products, promotions and brands.

The Textual platform takes SMS Marketing to the next level where it belongs, not in the Spam folder, but in the “It Works” folder. Lean into your omni-channel presence with a turn key Shop By Text platform.


Shop by Text eCommerce

Built for eCommerce companies. Textual is a marketing platform, a transactional platform, and a customer engagement platform with one simple purpose – Make it easy to sell your Products via Text Message.

  • Innovation – The Customer Experience

    Customers seek a novel experience

  • Engagement – Conversational Commerce

    Text Message creates a two way channel of engagement with your Subscribers and Customers.

  • Zero Click Checkout

    The shortest funnel possible coupled with your products and your audience.

SMS and MMS Marketing

Textual is a full featured Text Message Marketing Platform with tools and features to allow your marketing team to scale. Any company can use the Textual platform to sign up Subscribers and send text message promotions.

  • Communication Preferences

    Collect Text Message Subscribers via Sign Up Modal on your website

  • Standard SMS Marketing

    Send Promotional campaigns with text links. Useful for polling, announcements, general website promotions

  • MMS Text Messages

    Send Rich media images to your Subscribers using the Campaign Creator

Smart Promotion Platform

Direct Trackable ROI on your marketing efforts. Visualize user behavior and monitor web visits, product visits and shopping cart visits related to your text marketing promotions.

  • Website Pixel

    Trackable Visits, Purchases, and ROI

  • Segmentation of Subscribers

    Create and target Segments by source, subscriber status, purchaser status, and response status

  • Sell Product Inventory via Outbound Product Campaigns

    Textual’s Shop by Text platform allows you to send out promotions on overstock inventory, new products, and target your audience with more specific offers.

Subscription Programs

Out of the box ready for recurring revenue programs. Design your own Subscription plan and send recurring offers. The Textual Platform is ready for you to create a flexible subscription plan for your Customers.

  • Flexible Subscription Plans

    You can instantly launch a flexible subscription plan that streamlines management for you and your Subscribers. They reply Yes if they want the current offer. It’s that easy.

  • Send Personalized Product Offers based on Past Purchases

    Past Purchasers can be sent renewal offers for specific products.

  • Customized Onboarding for your Plan

    Give it a name and they will come! Create a landing page or we will build it for you.

Coming Soon!

Product Marketing Automation

Relationship commerce meets marketing automation. The Textual platform allows marketers to set it and forget it. Reach the right audience at the right time with the right product offer. An offer they can’t refuse.

  • Shopping Cart Recall

    Set automated campaigns for products left in the shopping cart.

  • Product Page Visits

    Set discounts by Product for Product Page Visitors and trigger an individual Product Campaign specific to that User.

  • Automated Campaigns based on Past Purchases

    Create Campaigns triggered by Recent or Past Purchases

Coming Soon!

In Store Retail

The Textual Platform allows you to sign up brick and mortar store visitors via a direct text sign up number.

  • Direct Text Sign Up Number

    Old School still rocks. Use in store graphics and promotions to promote the Shop by Text channel.

  • Use a Custom Sign Up Registration Form with a Retail Computer
Marina Strongs

Marketing Director / FlowerFix

“We like the direct and immediate results using Textual. We've generated Shop by Text subscribers quickly, and the conversion rate is unbeatable. The majority of orders come in right away with just a few tricklers!”

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