“SMS Messaging is the pinnacle of digital marketing. The open rates on SMS are 95% within 30 minutes.  The opportunity to reach the right audience at the right time with the right message has never been so tangible. The mobile shift is happening before we can blink.”
– Textual Founder, Blu Atwood

The Textual SMS marketing subscription model is inspired by the skyrocketing popularity of SMS as a medium for peer to peer communications, as well as that SMS marketing, when done right, advances the customer relationship and sells product. Yet most advertisers have small SMS Subscriber lists. Best writing paper service cheap prices and fast delivery! This needs to change.

Textual was founded by Blu Atwood who has a 25 year career in digital advertising including careers at 24/7 Media in New York, Yahoo! in San Francisco, and LeadPoint in Los Angeles. He has acquired expertise in display advertising, affiliate marketing, lead generation; web strategy, analytics and development; cloud communications, CRM integrations and marketing leadership.

He is also co-founder at FiftyFlowers.com, a well established e-commerce company that uses Textual on the site for Sharing products from peer to peer.

Textual is based in Boise, Idaho and has a talented team of local and global managers to bring the message to the masses. Publishers are interested in improving and extending the Share Icons on their pages, further monetization, and social media. Advertisers can grow their SMS Subscriber lists.

This is the future of SMS marketing. Growing the SMS Subscriber list is a challenge which now has an answer.

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Textual.com is in beta roll out. Please contact us for more information about putting the SMS Share icon on your site, or gaining new SMS Subscribers via our platform.

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