Text YES to reorder.

Text-to-Reorder Automation does what subscriptions wish they could... retain customers 🎤💥🤯

Give your repeat customers a better subscription model with Text-to-Reorder. You will also have less to manage. It’s lightweight and operational efficient for all parties.

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Product Page Integration

Give your Customers an instant way to reorder.

  • Traditional Subscription plans are terrific, but most of your customers are hesitant to commit
  • A more flexible, on demand product reordering flow by SMS is the best of both worlds
  • Text-to-Reorder Reminders with instant purchase provide unparalleled convenience, and help you recapture those lapsed customers.
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Shopping Cart Integration

Non-instrusive widgets that gain net New Subscribers.

  • Your website visitors don't want another pop up, and most of them don't subscribe
  • Give them a different way to Subscribe and Save
  • Easy Plug and Play
  • Give Customers what they want
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Easy Flow Automations

Why Text-to-Reorder wins the game for repeat product sales.

  • It’s automated!
  • Low Friction, Low management, Permanently on 
  • Multiple paths for onboarding Text-to-Reorder Customers

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Coming Summer 2023.

How Textual’s Text Commerce platform
makes it easy to Text to Buy offers:


Plug & Play

Launch a Text to Buy program within hours and minimal setup.


Grow Subscribers

Automated registration pages, QR Codes and Pop ups.


New, Direct Revenue

Uniquely mobile, uniquely novel opportunities.


Own Your Channel

Don’t pay 3rd parties for your bottom of the funnel customers.

Take the relationship to the next level.

  • New, Incremental DTC Revenue
  • Sell more Inventory
  • Improve Customer Loyalty and retention
  • Increase Product Reordering Rates