Our Vision, Mission and Values

Our Vision

Any customer can buy their favorite product with a single text message.  Any brand can sell more products, and generate new revenue, by allowing customers to buy products through a Text-to-Buy program.

Our Mission

Increase mobile commerce for brands by maximizing the true potential of text messaging, which is to be a transactional channel, not a paired down version of email marketing.

Text message has the greatest potential to become the primary channel for conversational commerce.  Other channels and platforms come and go but text is here to stay.

Yet, the “mobile gap” exists today of about $300b.  Mobile commerce only represents 42% of all ecommerce sales while mobile traffic represents about 70%-80% of all traffic.

Over many years of building, buying, optimizing..running tech and marketing together, we’ve come to learn through trial and tribulation that innovating the CX is the only way to win the game in the short term and long term.  

  • What journey do your customers go through?
  • How do you delight them, and how do you frustrate them?
  • What memory do they have of their interactions with you?
  • Are they likely to spread the word?

Word of mouth can come from two original sources.  1) Customers that are satisfied with your product and its value.  2) Customers are delighted with the experience they had.

The most cost effective means of improving your Word of Mouth marketing is to innovate the Customer Experience, and narrowing down even further, to innovate the digital experience your customers have when they are engaging with your brand on a buyer journey.

Currently many mobile commerce experiences have a lot of abandonment, so many steps, so many points of conversion -  it’s asking a lot of a mobile user.

Receive a marketing message > Tap on a link > Go to mobile site > Wonder if the “flash sale” is on the product you are looking for > Navigate around > Add to Cart > Log In > Checkout

…at each step you are losing.  This is a NON NATIVE mobile experience.

Old standards in digital marketing do not apply well to mobile users that are on the go.

Textual's Guiding Principles

Value Creation. This is our raison d’etre.

We bring a proven business model for mobile commerce revenue using text message, while maintaining our love for life, other people, and seeking virtue on the path.

Our guiding values and principles provide a expectation of what kind of partner you can expect to have.

1 - Priorities (and living a moral life)

We believe in putting first things first.  There’s no more important quality in our human existence than love, which emanates from family and loved ones and our religion/spiritualism.  Without this support, nourishment and care from our network, we start to diminish.

  1. Family & Loved Ones - Support, Enjoyment, Belonging, Fullness, Togetherness
  2. Health - Balance, Vitality, Satisfaction, Energy
  3. Work - Livelihood, Challenge, Intellectual engagement, Teamwork

We see this as building our core strength to maximize our work energy.   A full, healthy life and full, healthy relationships will create almost unlimited energy for productive work.

Our family and loved ones and our health are in place, we are free and able to pursue our greatest industry towards the greatest achievements.

2 - Maximum Effort (and our virtue)

These are not mutually exclusive.  We fight for the win, and fight for what is right.

Our eye is on the prize at all times.  Building next gen software that delights users and consumers alike is a playoff game.  Leaning in with our maximum effort to create maximum results.

What you can expect from our team is the highest in integrity and honor.  We want to show you the money, and earn your lifelong respect.

3 - Continuous Innovation in Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerce is ripe for innovation due to the mobile commerce “gap” that still exists today, meaning high traffic / low revenue.  The opportunity is enormous.

We seek to monetize and optimize the mobile commerce channel for brands through enabling more native shopping experiences.  The keyword here is NATIVE mobile experiences.

4 - Delight End Users

(Aka, Don’t Pass the Buck on UX.)

In the digital marketing world, we solve as many problems for our clients as possible to make the end user experience extraordinary.  This is how we win.  Create delight and convenience.

Our job is to create delightfully convenient user experiences through the best design, code and logic.  In this pursuit, we use time tested marketing principles.

5 - Focus on novel & convenient

What is novel, interesting, and curious.  Shoppers are attracted to gamification, entertainment, new ways to Buy.

They also want convenience - look no further than Amazon’s One-Click checkout patent.  It was a game changer at the time.  Uber, Airbnb, to name a few more.  Convenience can come in many varieties - personalization, ease of use, service, and a general ability of an organization to predict customer’s needs and wants in a timely manner.

6 - Remove Friction

Create a unique shopping experience and remove friction.  This is where we are taking Text-to-Buy. Not only is text the most universal communication channel on mobile, it’s also the most versatile.

It can act as a personal shopping agent, a conversational commerce bot, a VIP Club, a daily deals channel, grocery shopping as you go through your day, a convenient product reordering tool, or digital subscription manager.

A customer can go straight from need to purchase, or impulse to buying without a lengthy journey.

7 - Be a Team - No one left behind

The goal, the all important pursuit, of Textual as an organization is to create a team as proud, efficient and cohesive as Seal Team #6.

Objectives are shared, methods are created, and communication is organized.

Create a work environment where everybody is excited to go to work because they feel valuable, purposeful, and part of a team that they believe in.

8 - Lean In and Commit

We don’t walk away from problems.  We don’t take the easy way out.  We pursue the good work we are called to do. 

If there is a small flaw in a user design, or in a messaging system experience, we fix it.  We do our best work, and we do our best to make sure all clients are successful and satisfied.

We lean into your success before our own.  That's our guiding light.

Take the relationship to the next level.

  • New, Incremental DTC Revenue
  • Sell more Inventory
  • Improve Customer Loyalty and retention
  • Increase Product Reordering Rates