The ubiquitous share icons present on every Publisher and e-commerce site have experienced little use; yet they remain mandatory on every page as they serve a great purpose. No site wishes to miss out on Shares.

With the addition of an integrated Textual Share Icon, which can be designed to match any Share Icons style, the interest rate doubles compared to Email alone.

SMS sharing proves to be twice as popular as Email among social media sharers. This puts SMS Sharing just behind Facebook in popularity, depending on the share icons present on the page.

With the addition of the SMS Share icon, there is opportunity to monetize the sharing through SMS Subscription lists. This can take many forms, e.g. promotional, content offers, Advertiser’s or Publishers can partake in attracting SMS subscribers.

Users will send an SMS to a friend, colleague or family member to share the content. They must also copy themselves on the SMS. The Sender will then have the opportunity to Join a Subscription list and receive an offer.

How It Works

Contact Us is in beta roll out. Please contact us for more information about putting the SMS Share icon on your site, or gaining new SMS Subscribers via our platform.

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