What is Shop by Text?

Shop by Text
  • Textual is a PaaS solution offering immediate access to Shop By Text functionality for merchants
  • "One Text Payments" offers Friction Free checkout. Product Campaigns go out, and Orders come back.
Customer Onboarding from Website
  • Use the website modal to gain new Subscribers and Customers for your Shop By Text Channel
Textual is a view into the future of Conversational Commerce
  • Text Message is the universal channel and the least friction to conversation with your Customers
Schedule or Automate Shop by Text campaigns
  • Product Campaigns can be scheduled for future dates and times.
  • Automated Campaigns trigger specific products to unique website visitors based on their behavior.
Use for Unsold Inventory or Active Intent Targeting on Website
  • Automated campaigns for Shopping Cart Recall, Product Page promotions.
  • Use as a secret sales channel for your overstocked inventory. Brand advocates rejoice.
Text message is the universal mobile channel for communication, and we see no better place to engage your Customers. Shop By Text creates a friction free commerce channel for all.~ Blu Atwood, Textual Founder

The Shop by Text platform gives ecommerce companies, merchants, brands, schools or any business the ability to send out Text message shopping campaigns through an enterprise tool, including campaign management, product management, payment processing and order management dashboards.

It creates Friction Free checkout experience for your Customers, and paths the way for Conversational Commerce to take root.

The Founders

  • Blu Atwood

    Blu Atwood cut his teeth in tech with stints in New York and Silicon Valley working for Yahoo!, and since then has worked for many advertising technology start ups, agencies and online marketing companies. He spent 10 years as CMO and Head of Product at FiftyFlowers.com, bridging ad tech and ecommerce experience.

  • Dom Ramirez

    Dom Ramirez has founded multiple successful software consulting companies, led many teams of developers, organized startup community events, and served hundreds of thriving clients. Dom's experience in both business and technology gives him a unique ability to cut through negligible minutia and deliver effective results.