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Text message is the universal channel, and it is quickly evolving into a commerce channel. 🎉


The vision for a Shop by Text platform was born from 15 years of experience driving performance marketing, and building technology for an eCommerce company.  The idea is to create a novel user experience and to stay ahead of the competition in terms of user engagement.  Blu brought years of eCommerce experience, and Dom brought his data platform experience.  Together they are building a platform, a team, and a dream.  For both founders, the User comes first.

The Shop by Text platform gives ecommerce companies, merchants, brands, schools or any business the ability to send out Text message shopping campaigns through an enterprise tool, which includes campaign management, product management, payment processing and management dashboards.

m-Commerce growth is still outpacing e-Commerce & bricks and mortar
  • 5%
    Total Discretionary Retail
  • 17%
  • 59%

Through the Shop by Text platform merchants can combine marketing and commerce into one convenient channel. Merchants can re-engage site visitors via automated text messages with One Text Payments. The unsold inventory problem? Create a secret sales channel that goes out to your top customers via text message. Want to improve your shopping cart abandonment recall? The Shop by Text platform allows for immediate and flexible subscription programs.

Textual Founders

Blu Atwood

Blu Atwood cut his teeth in tech with stints in New York and Silicon Valley working for Yahoo!, and since then has worked for many advertising technology start ups, agencies and online marketing companies. He spent 10 years as CMO and Head of Product at FiftyFlowers.com, bridging ad tech and ecommerce experience.

Dom Ramirez

Dom Ramirez has founded multiple successful software consulting companies, led many teams of developers, organized startup community events, and served hundreds of thriving clients. Dom’s experience in both business and technology gives him a unique ability to cut through negligible minutia and deliver effective results.

Marina Strongs

Marketing Director / FlowerFix

“We like the direct and immediate results using Textual. We've generated Shop by Text subscribers quickly, and the conversion rate is unbeatable. The majority of orders come in right away with just a few tricklers!”

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