The future is here.

(and it’s loaded with features.)

Let us help you bridge the gap between mobile usage and mobile conversions with an innovative and intuitive platform that removes all friction from the conversion path, delighting Customers and Merchants.

The future is here. No need to drive expensive traffic to your product pages. Engage your Customers in conversational commerce with an easy on ramp. No tech team required.

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Enterprise Plug and Play

Enable Shoppable Text Messages Instantly.  Connect your Shopify store in minutes to import your product catalogue and sync your Orders.  Enterprise class clients enjoy our efficient tech services and API development.

  • Native Shopify Integration – Easy Onboarding in 4 steps

    It’s as easy as creating your account, uploading your product feed, adding the pixel to your site, and setting up your Stripe Connect account.

  • Enterprise Custom API Development

    Enterprise Business friendly platform that allows business to launch the Text to Buy platform without the need of heavy integrations or tech support.  We will do the API integrations to your eCom stack.  Our early adopters see incredible ROI.

  • Co-Exist With Other Marketing Platforms

    No migration necessary to the Textual platform. Keep your other marketing platforms, and add SMS Commerce as a new revenue generator with direct ROI visibility.

Text to Buy Campaign Creator

Built with eCommerce marketers top of mind, the proprietary Textual platform enables merchants to send Text to Buy product campaigns to their Subscribers and Customers.

  • Create scheduled product campaigns

    Campaign Scheduler for outbound product campaigns gives Merchants flexiblity and control. Use for popular items, overstocked items, or high selling seasonal items.

  • Segmentation For Personalized Engagement

    Purchasers, Website Visitors, Non-responders, Area Code can be segmented in the Campaign manager.

Coming Soon!

Automatic campaigns triggered by site visitor behavior

Shopping Cart Recall campaigns, Product Page Visits, and Past Purchasers can be personalized and automated.

Subscriber Growth Tools

The Textual platform contains a suite of marketing tools to import or sign up SMS Subscribers and Customers. Textual is only as successful as every Merchant who needs to generate more transactions and revenues.

  • Build Your T2B Subscriber List

    Invite customers and visitors to join your Shopping by Text channel using our website pop up, QR Codes, email list, Social media, display advertising, video and an existing SMS list.

  • Import SMS Subscribers

    Already have a list of SMS Subscribers and need to import and use Textual as an SMS Marketing platform? Ready to go. Convert them to SMS Purchasers later with our automated recall campaigns that give Subscribers a short reg form.

  • Custom Registration Page

    Focusing on the User Experience first and foremost, Textual gives every merchant a customized Subscriber/Account registration form with 3 easy steps – Account Create, Shipping Information, Billing Information. Voila! It’s Automagically simple.

All Features

  • Schedule Shop by Text Product Campaigns
    Campaign Scheduler

    Schedule product campaigns to go to your Subscribers easily in the Campaign Manager

  • Standard SMS Marketing Campaigns
    Regular and Shop by Text SMS Marketing

    The Textual platform is built to send both regular SMS marketing campaigns as well as Shop by Text powered campaigns.

  • Powerful Segmentation
    Send Campaigns to Segments

    Segmentation tools that allow targeting Subscribers based on activity, location and status.

  • Reporting Dashboards
    Business Intelligence

    Campaign reporting allows quick visibility into orders, revenue, deliverability, and historical volumes.

  • Custom Registration Page
    Sign Up Subscribers

    Use the built in Shop by Text registration pages to create new Subscribers, or give us a call and we will customize it according to your brand, style and marketing plan.

  • Import Product and Create Products
    Product Management

    Textual has a suite of tools to help you manage your products.

  • Order Management
    The VIP

    Order management is the top priority for merchants. We've created a robust order management system to manage, integrate and track your orders.

  • Subscriber Management
    Manage your Subscribers with ease

    The Subscriber management allows you to add, delete, and manage your Subscribers and Customers with ease.

  • Create Rules for website SMS subscriber pop up
    Website Marketing Tools

    We've created a website pop up modal to help you gain new Subscribers directly from your website. The modal is customizable and utilizes rules based triggers.

  • One Text Payments - Secure, Tokenized, Stripe powered
    Shop by Text made Secure

    We call it One Text Payments because there are Zero Clicks and Zero Friction for your Customers. Secured by Stripe.

  • Product Page Recall by Text Message - COMING SOON
    Behavioral Targeting

    Set Automated Campaigns for website behaviors, i.e. Visitors of X Product Page receive a 10% off Campaign for that product.

  • Shop by Text Product Search - COMING SOON
    Two Way Shopping Channel

    Customers can send you a text reply with what they are shopping for, and we will Search the database to find the right product.

  • Shopping Cart Recall by Text Message - COMING SOON
    Shopping Cart Abandonment

    The new world version of Email to recall Cart Abandoners. Set up in Automated Campaigns.

  • Automated Shop by Text Behavioral Campaigns - COMING SOON
    Many Behaviors = Many Opportunities

    Use our Automated Campaigns to target website visitors, purchasers, non-purchasers, tags and more.

Traditional mobile commerce requires steps like address inputs, validation and payment rules, all of which can be barriers to purchase, increasing the likelihood of cart abandonment.

Texting is native behaviour, the barriers to use are very low, and with virtually no learning curve it removes a step in the buying process – no need to checkout, once your payment details are on file someone does it for you.


Marina Strongs

Marketing Director / FlowerFix

“We like the direct and immediate results using Textual. We've generated Shop by Text subscribers quickly, and the conversion rate is unbeatable. The majority of orders come in right away with just a few tricklers!”

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