Own your Revenue

A plug n' play  platform for quick mobile sales


Define Use Case

Define a Text-to-Buy program and start onboarding Subscribers within hours.


Send Text-to-Buy

Sync your products, and start sending offers and creating automated flows.


Subscribers Reply

Your Subscribers reply Yes or with Qty to purchase by text.


Orders Fulfilled

Orders are processing in the cloud, inventory reconciled and put in your ecommerce system for fulfillment.

“Admittedly, a light tech lift.”

~ Estee Lauder


Step 1: Define your Use Case

Subscriber Onboarding

Textual creates a custom styled and designed Registration page for all brands.

Onboarding Methods:

  • QR Code in store and on websites
  • Register by Phone Number
  • Display Ads
  • Social media
  • Email Distribution
  • Existing SMS Subscriber list

Step 2: Send Campaigns & Flows

Use the Campaign Creator to send Offers in 20 min

Textual works just like any other online marketing platform

  • Reporting Dashboard (and attribution)
  • Subscriber Management
  • Campaign Creator 
  • Message Templates

There are many customizable settings for Text-to-Buy campaigns

  • Nudge campaigns, Cross Sells, Up sells, Max Quantity, Promo Triggers


Step 3: Subscribers Reply to Buy

Subscribers receive text and reply YES or with Quantity to buy.

There are two types of Subscribers at the highest level in the Textual platform.

  1. Subscribers Only
  2. Subscribers with Payment Profiles

If the Subscribers have used your branded Registration page, it is likely that they have a Payment profile with Textual.  In this case, they only need to reply Yes or with Quantity to make a purchase.

The other Subscribers without payment profiles who try to make a purchase will be redirected to a QuickCart page. 


Step 4: Orders Fulfilled

Orders are
processed in the Cloud and put in your e-commerce system.

Textual keeps your orders synchronized with your e-commerce system in real time.

In addition, Textual has its own order management system for smaller companies and/or system reconciliation.

This is where Textual adds value to your customer relationships, secures payment, and simplifies the costs of Order Management.

The system will automatically update:

  • Order Statuses, Fulfillment Notifications
  • Customer Shipping Addresses


Take the relationship to the next level.

  • New, Incremental DTC Revenue
  • Sell more Inventory
  • Improve Customer Loyalty and retention
  • Increase Product Reordering Rates