3 Ways a Client Could Use QR Codes to Build a Text-to-Buy Program

Marina Strong
Apr 24, 2023

QR codes are everywhere these days, from advertisements to restaurants, business cards and product packaging. They are even used in TV, from commercials to the Oscars. The reason they are so popular is because they are convenient, versatile, low cost, and trackable. They provide quick access to additional information or to complete an action.

If you are looking to build a Text-to-Buy program, QR codes can help in several ways, from onboarding to product re-ordering.

When you sign up with Textual, we will create a custom designed registration page for your customers to opt-in to your Text-to-Buy program. QR codes are a great way to lead customers to this page.


Place QR codes on your advertising materials and use them in email campaigns. Place flyers in current orders, include them on mailers, online advertisements, and in all your email campaigns.


Use QR codes in store. Capture your in store shoppers with a standing sign display at the entrance of your store or place signage at the register. You could also place flyers in shopping bags as well.


Do you have a product that needs to be reordered frequently? Use QR codes on product packaging to make reordering easy and convenient.


How will you use QR codes for your Text-to-Buy program?

With Text-to-Buy you can increase DTC revenue, improve customer loyalty and retention, and increase product reordering rates. Ready to learn more? Schedule a Demo!

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