The Shop by Text revolution in Mobile Commerce – Part Three, Conversational

Blu Atwood
Feb 23, 2021

In our last part on the question, “Why is text message marketing organically transforming into a text message shopping channel?”, we will explore Conversational Commerce and Text message Commerce as a specific solution.

In part one of this series, we dove into driving traffic to mobile sites as a way to increase mobile revenues. In part two, we covered social media shopping channels and marketplaces like Amazon.

There are various channels for Conversational Commerce.

  • Smart Speakers (Voice Assistants)
  • ChatBots on your website and Messenger Apps, like Facebook and Whatsapp
  • Text Message

There are plenty of bloggers and business pundits elaborating on the benefits of conversational commerce and how it will become a major force in revenues. However, there are many who feel uneasy about ordering through a voice assistant smart speaker. (reference)

Amazon Alexa has the most opportunity based on its sheer household penetration across the globe. Is the foray into smart speakers wise or foolish? It might pay off for Amazon, but will it pay off for any other 3rd party retailers who create a voice assistant tool?

There may be a long road to making smart speakers smarter, and by smarter we mean more visual. This is the impetus behind Alexa pushing video enabled smart speakers. If you can not see a product, or see the price and shipping details, do you really trust it?

Messenger Apps provide some conversational elements and some promise, however in this scenario you are waiting on someone to reach you, discover you, or open the Messenger app.

The point is that regardless of the channel reaching the customer is paramount to engaging them in conversation, commerce and relationship building.

Lastly, Let’s take a look at Purchase by Text.

What trends have pushed text message Conversational Shopping to the forefront?

  • Text Message is a universal, user friendly for commerce and required channel for all Consumers.
  • Consumer trends have changed. Email is dead. Phone calls are annoying. Text message emerges – an ever present communication channel. It allows instant gratification, and control to the consumer who can choose when to respond.
  • Other types of messaging channels change often. Push Notifications, Remarketing Ads, Facebook Messenger, Chat Apps?
  • RCS and Apple Business Chat are coming. What does this mean for the way Brands engage Consumers?
  • Conversational Commerce can be fully actualized through text message because of the rich modality and user comfort.
  • Perhaps the most important aspect is that it has very few limitations and unlimited potential, meaning the cloud technology behind the text conversation can search a product database, provide status updates, send personalized marketing messages and be smart.

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