Text Marketing for Continuously Connected Customers

Frequent, low-friction, and personalized digital interactions are the future of CX. The amount of digital clutter has increased for consumers.  And the level of competition is higher than ever for brands.  The barriers to entry for new (or legacy) brands to go DTC are lower and lower.   I think of this as providing ”marketing equity.”  […]

Commerce 3.0 – eCommerce Trends in 2022

Digital commerce has been evolving rapidly over the past 3 years, encouraged onward by the pandemic.   It’s time to talk about Commerce 3.0 – a newish term we have seen floating around the blogosphere. So What defines Commerce 3.0? One of the major trends happening is Headless ecommerce. This is when the frontend and backend […]

The Best Use Cases for Text to Buy

In this model, the User Experience of purchasing products is all text based, and Customers instinctively

Text to Buy Case Study with the Estée Lauder Company

We pioneered SMS Commerce for products to build the future of conversational commerce. In this case study with the Estée Lauder Company we show that a truly native mobile experience, like Text Message Shopping, can create tremendous revenue, customer engagement and first party data.

The Shop by Text revolution in Mobile Commerce – Part Three, Conversational

In our last part on the question, “Why is text message marketing organically transforming into a text message shopping channel?”, we will explore Conversational Commerce and Text message Commerce as a specific solution. In part one of this series, we dove into driving traffic to mobile sites as a way to increase mobile revenues.  In […]

The Shop by Text Revolution in mobile commerce – Part Two

We are exploring the question Why is text message organically transforming into a text message shopping channel? In part one of this series, we dove into driving traffic to mobile sites as a way to increase mobile conversions and revenues for online merchants. We’ve seen how mobile has challenges with inherent design restrictions and maintenance […]

The Shop by Text revolution in mobile commerce – Part One

In recent months, we’ve seen multiple technology platforms or brands announce their own version of text message based payments.   Podium Payments Iris Nova – DirtyLemon (Text based Shopping Cart seems precocious?) and PopSugar Must Have It Verb Energy Bars (reference) (reference) Why are these companies moving towards text based ordering or invoicing?  What […]

Coming of Age for Text Message Marketing

Recently it was announced that Attentive Mobile raised another $70m.  It is a large sum for a text marketing platform, and it brings their total funding amount to $124m.  This Series C was lead by Sequoia and IVP. This is an eye opening raise, and a bellwether for future trends in marketing and consumer preference. […]

Are we seeing a Dearth or a Death of Retail?

Retailers must innovate the shopping experience and how they engage the consumer. There are two key questions for that endeavor – WHERE are the consumers, and HOW should they be engaged

One Click vs Zero Click

Say goodbye to the Shopping Cart.  The traditional Shopping Cart is being upended by One Click payment platforms.  In recent years, we have seen multiple new platforms that purport to offer One Click check out. ShopPay available on Shopify stores Bolt These come many years after the appearance of the megaliths like Google Pay, […]

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