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The Store of the Future plus Social Commerce

Come in and buy from me’ today but it will be ‘Come in, have a brand experience, build your shopping list, let’s connect that on your cell phone so we can directly market to you.’

What fills the Mobile Commerce Gap?

The preferred device for online shopping is the desktop interface.  Yet times are changing and despite our own perceptions, m-Commerce is reaching a more significant share of Total Digital Commerce Dollars.   The mobile share of digital commerce was 24% in Q4 of 2017, and growth of m-Commerce was 40% compared to 15% for regular e-Commerce.  […]

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Marina Strongs

Marketing Director / FlowerFix

“We like the direct and immediate results using Textual. We've generated Shop by Text subscribers quickly, and the conversion rate is unbeatable. The majority of orders come in right away with just a few tricklers!”

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